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Lewis Crutch

Internet Marketer, Internet

Welcome to the Online Profile of Lewis Crutch

Lewis Crutch's Bio:

Lewis Crutch is an internet marketer creating websites and digital products for a range of online markets as well as focussing on email marketing and providing value to subscribers through regular newsletters. 

His key projects are:

The food and drinks market looking at providing consumers with ways to keep their costs low at home when cooking with free recipes (

The internet marketing industry focussing on two keys areas. The first is providing marketers with free and low cost tools and resources to keep their costs low with ( and the second is focussing on conversion tracking and split testing within Wordpress websites by providing affordable plugins (

He also runs the Marketing Bees webiste, providing free and paid guides covering a range of marketing areas (

He plans to build upon these ideas and also expand into further markets. 

Lewis Crutch's Interests & Activities:

Conversion tracking and website analytics to boost conversion rates of online landing pages. Cooking and eating.

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